Request For Proposals For Power Moves Assessment Implementation Support

Deaconess Foundation is soliciting proposals to launch a Power Moves assessment to measure the Foundation’s use of power and depth in executing a power-building approach rooted in tenets of “trust-based philanthropy”.

Amidst a shift from a grant-making foundation to an institutional advocate that makes grants to support a power-building strategy that advances child well-being, Deaconess Foundation seeks to implement an assessment framework designed to measure the enterprises’ use of power and measure the scale to which power building across the enterprise is occurring. At the end of the assessment process, it is expected that the assessment results will yield data detailing how the foundation is using power in its internal operations, grant-making and relational capacity.

Please review the RFP for additional details. Proposals must be submitted in a PDF format via email to by 5:00 p.m. CST on November 22, 2019.