A Place for Collaborative Mission & Service

A generation ago local members of United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations organized mission groups and volunteered personal time to visit patients, serve as candy stripers and witness to God’s healing presence at Deaconess Hospital. In April 2018, Deaconess Center for Child Well-Being opened its doors. It is the first building dedicated to the Deaconess mission in nearly twenty years of our 130-year heritage. Today, we invite this generation of community and church leaders to join us in service to the region’s children.

Partnership between the community and child advocates will be critical for Deaconess Center’s success. Join us by joining our extravagant Welcome Team.

Extravagant Welcome Team

Welcoming child advocates, organizers and families who are building power for children will be critical to the success of Deaconess Center. Our Extravagant Welcome Team is focused on creating a welcoming, accessible, safe and inviting space for all. We believe well-supported volunteers can make this happen. So, we welcome enthusiastic, responsible, and thoughtful volunteers to join us in this work.

Deaconess Center offers a wide variety of long-term and short-term ways to connect and get involved. Opportunities for volunteers of at least 18 years of age include:

  • Greeting child advocates at our Welcome Desk (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  • Providing hospitality for meetings and special events (Episodic; Evenings and Weekends)
  • Setting up and breaking down meetings and special events


To join the volunteer team, contact David Nehrt-Flores at 314.356.2533 or davidn@deaconess.org.